Help me plan a hacker space/drone lab

I’ve got an opportunity to build a hacker/maker space + drone lab in a journalism college. I’ve been asked to come up with requirements for the room. Square footage, furniture, gear, storage, you name it. 

Does your university have a hacker space? What does it look like? Are there pictures of it online? Got a URL? 

Here’s what I’m thinking, broadly. Not going to get all this, but you don’t get if you don’t ask:

  • Countertop space for working on drones or Arduino projects.
  • Locking storage for the same.
  • Couches? Long desks and chairs (like this)? Something different (like this)? Combinations? Need seating space for hacker/software projects.
  • Projector for screen sharing or demos.
  • Internet enabled TV on the wall.
  • Whiteboards. Whiteboards everywhere!
  • If possible, high ceilings and a netted cage for indoor multi-copter testing (example)

Here’s a Storify of tweets I got asking this question on Twitter.

What am I missing? What would you include?